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Case Studies

In order to create a holistic portrayal of the experience of OD practice in action, and the results of a program case studies provide a platform in which to evaluate effectiveness of both the processes and the nature of the intervention.  Case studies offer an opportunity to highlight themes, provide further analysis, comparisons between organisations/teams/programs and provide a wide range of information useful in conveying the complex layers of people led change.


Collecting useful data provides the basis of developing a study which examines the success of a programme in an organization, deepening understanding of what OD tools and techniques work in a given context, providing information about the phases a programme has gone through and the impact the programme had on the organization and its performance.

To develop a case study the following steps are required.

  1. Gather and organize all data relevant to the case, and in particular the topic of focus for the study
  2. Develop a narrative which summarizes key information about the topic of focus
  3. Where possible include feedback from programme participants
  4. Make comparisons with other studies to identify themes and patterns.