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Leadership Development

I am passionate about releasing the Leader Within.  

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Why Develop your Leaders?

You wouldn’t let a surgeon operate on you without the proper training or let a mechanic try and fix your car without being sure they knew what they were doing. You insist that anyone using systems or equipment in organisations is trained and yet…

Individuals are put into leadership positions without a clue HOW to BE a leader or HOW to help the people they are leading BE the best that they can be.  

If things aren’t working out the way they should, if problems are occuring that shouldn’t be, if performance isn’t where it needs to be then you should ask yourself – ‘What assumptions are we making regarding our leaders ability to lead?’

Some leaders have the potential to be brilliant but don’t know HOW.  Some leaders don’t want to be a leader, and don’t have the talent to create the environment to release the people potential in the organisation. But their expertise is too valuable to the organisation to lose and the only way to progress in your organisation is through man management roles.

Maybe you have invested vast sums in new systems, processes, products and services and yet your employees are ‘too lazy’ or ‘too stupid’ or ‘not doing what they are told.’

I believe it is people that make an organisation successful.  You can have the best processes, product and services in the world but if you get the people bit wrong then you will be beaten by inferior competitors who get the people bit right.  Your organisation succeeds and fails on the quality of your employees and the ability of your leaders to create the environment where people can BE the best they can be.


Leadership and Management Development

I work in partnership with your organisation to develop your leadership capability, designing and facilitating business focused interventions to ensure learning is transferred back in the business and will result in improved organisational performance.  I enable those in leadership roles to develop their talent and find the Leader within themselves, and support the organisation in finding and develop future leaders.

The Leader in Me

I will assess the leadership team to idenitify the two distinct types of leadership talent; Leaders of People and Leaders of Expertise.  We promote this distinction is because fundamentally it is a mistake to think that just because you can be taught ‘people skills’ you can lead people, just like it is a mistake to believe that just because you can be taught skills in an area of expertise you can become an expert.

Executive Coaching, Learning Support and Challenge

I offer a 1:2:1 executive coaching service to help Leaders and Managers to clarify their goals, overcome barriers and improve their performance levels.  Focusing on personal learning and development to provide added value to organisation performance and providing a measurable ROI at the end of the intervention.

I apply Psychological and Behaviour based methods to specific present-moment work-related issues in a way that enables individuals to incorporate effectiveness into their permanent management or leadership repertoire. Coaching can be invaluable for;

  • When big things in the organisation change
  • Skill development for tackling new roles and responsibility
  • Specific Personal Development
  • Resolving Specific Problems

Career Management and Succession Planning

I work with your organisation to clarify and create workable career pathways and succession plans for both Leaders of People and Leaders of Expertise.

Through coaching interventions I will support individuals in their choice of career and develop plans to enable them to attain their personal career goals.  I focus on improving the quality of an individual’s work life and releasing talent potential whilst providing organisations with the pipeline of talent required to achieve the organisational purpose.


I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster