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Team Development and Customer Effectiveness

I believe great team work delivers awesome customer service and makes a difference to an organisations success.  

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Why it Matters?

We all know the truth.  Working in a team with like minded individuals who make us feel good about ourselves not only makes work more fun, but makes us better at our job too.  We’ve all experienced the misery of working in teams where there is conflict and wondered why the in fighting and dysfunction is allowed to carry on.  I don’t think you have to love each other, but respecting each other, paying attention to each other and playing to a teams strengths are key ingredients to a high performing team environment.  

If you think you have toxic teams in your organisation ask yourself ‘what are we assuming about the people in the team that means we won’t intervene to improve the team environment?’

I believe that it is people who make an organisation successful.  You might have individuals within a team, teams or even whole departments that represent a war zone rather than a community of people all working toward the same goal.  Your organisation relies on individuals working together with each other to operate successfully.


Team Building

I will work with your teams to help them to be more effective.  Focusing on key skills and thinking environment behaviours that enable individuals and teams to collaborate with the goal to achieve organisational purpose such as; improving understanding, resource sharing, knowledge and capability building and valuing the contribution others make.

Continuous Improvement

I create the environment to mobilise and energise leaders and employees to identify problems, seek opportunities, set success criteria and take action to solve problems as part of their day to day activity. I focus on helping the manager to create an environment which enables and empowers individuals to;

  • Be the change to their performance,
  • Be the change to the team dynamic,
  • Be the change to their leadership
  • Be the change the organisation needs and wants.

Customer Service Excellence

I design and deliver interventions that will improve the interaction and communication among different groups and functions within the organisation which will address customer service breakdowns and develop the organisations internal capability to solve service issues.  The focus of the interventions is on developing behavioural competency to deliver Right First Time Customer Service Excellence.


I believe great team work delivers awesome customer service and makes a difference to an organisations success.  


I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster