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Performance Management and Sales Effectiveness

I believe managing performance by focusing on the WHO rather than the WHAT delivers greater results.  

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Managing Performance and Effectiveness

I believe people respond better to being give the opportunity to think than they do being made to obey. Too often performance management is focused on WHAT people have done, and the tasks they need to perform.  But people are more than just a number.

If you are having performance issues or if your sales team are failing to achieve the results your business has tasked them with achieving, ask yourself “What are we assuming about how we can get people to perform better?” 

Whether your performance management is little more than an annual tick box exercise or poor performance is managed by moving someone to a new job role, or if you need a step change in performance in your organisation I believe a people centric approach to performance will deliver the results your organisation needs.


Sales Effectiveness

Unlike sales training, we offer a holistic intervention which involves diagnosis of a broad variety of stakeholders in the sales process.  I work with the sales leaders to clarify important values, develop new ways of working, articulate the vision of what effective means in the sales arena and to solve pressing problems in the sales organisation.

I will help your organisation identify barriers to sales effectiveness and opportunities for improvement, and design and deliver interventions which add value and improve the overall effectiveness of your sales operations.

Employee Performance

I will help you to develop the process for reviewing individual performance, assessing work-related achievements and contribution and create awareness of the talent each individual possesses.  I will also partner with you to help your line managers create the environment to provide feedback and setting performance goals.

Learning and Development

I will partner with you to develop appropriate L&D interventions to increase  your people capability by creating opportunities for your employees to build the knowledge, skills and experience required to improve your organisations performance whilst releasing the individuals’ potential.

Employee Engagement

I will work with you to design and deliver organisation development interventions which will engage employees with your organisations purpose, deliver improved Performance, increases the quality of employee work life and enable individuals to align their purpose with that of your organisation.


I believe managing performance by focusing on the WHO rather than the WHAT delivers greater results.  

I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster