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Change Management

I believe that People Led Change Management delivers transformational results.

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Be the Change

I believe that it is unlikely that you will have all of the answers, to all of the questions at the precise time that you will need them. We live in an environment where change is part of every day life.  Change Management fails when the focus is on changing the processes, systems, products and services and forgetting to focus on the fact that it is people that make an organisation.

If you have tried a Change Management project which didn’t work as well as you hoped, ask yourself “What did we assume about the people which caused the project to fail?”

Change usually costs organisations money, productivity, efficiency and quite honestly employee engagement.  But I believe that Organisational Development methodologies, which deliver change THROUGH people, and enable people to BE the change, work to deliver the change the organisation wants. The Organisation Development Change Consultancy I deliver creates a legacy capability, culture of adaptability and employee flexibility that makes employees change ready so the organisation can respond to future opportunities and challenges.

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Change Management 

I believe that organisations that can manage continual change effectively can create a source of competitive advantage.  We will partner with you to build the people capability in your organisation to adapt and change effectively.  If you are introducing a ‘hard’ or ‘lean’ process change programme, such as the introduction of a new IT system, we believe it is essential you also invest in a programme which focuses on developing the ‘soft’ people processes to ensure the changes are successful, supported and sustainable.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement programmes are dominated by economic and technical considerations, with the objective of helping the organisation be more cost effective but very often little attention is paid to the human issues that are associated with process change.  I will work with individuals and your organisation to facilitate the ‘human-side’ of change that is needed.  My approach will reduce resistance to change, increase participation in the change process and build a capability within the organisation for continued improvement activity beyond the current change programme.

I believe that People Led Change Management delivers transformational results.  

I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster