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The Talent Within

What is the Talent Within?

With a mismatch between what leaders say about people being their most important asset and their people practices, in order to achieve balance an organisation should tap into the talent within the organisation itself and help individual employees understand the talent within themselves. All employees in an organisation have talent in something. The organisation needs to help release the potential in all its employees by supporting employees in understanding their talent and creating an individual’s job role around the talents they possess. The individual has a responsibility to develop a self awareness of their talent and develop their capacity to use it. Leaders must help integrate the needs of the individual with that of the organisation in order to create an environment in which individual purpose can be attained in line with the achievement of organisational purpose.

Housing Association

Situation/Task: Organisation is operating under continuous and multifaceted change. In addition to a planned merger, megatrends such as demographics, digitization, connectivity, trade liberalization, global competition and business model innovation meant the organisation was experiencing unpredictable customer sentiment, increasing complexity, rising uncertainty, an overload of information and a lack of resources.

The ability to change continuously and effectively will be the key to survival and future prosperity. If the organisational leaders are to thrive in today’s fluid landscape they must adopt agile practices and the mindsets that underpin them.

Action: Delivered a 12 month talent development programme, with creative experiential workshops, action learning and appreciative inquiry to develop behavioral change and critical thinking.  This was supported by individual one to one coaching and personal development support.

Result: Delivery of several high profile change projects within the programme delivery period resulting in the successful development of key strategic delivery milestones for the organization.  A significant proportion of the cohort were promoted into more senior roles during the programme, achieving their personal goals in the process.  Programme was recommission for a following 12 months for a second cohort of rising stars and future leaders.