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The Leader in Me

What is the Leader in Me?

There are two types of Leaders; Leaders of People and Leaders of Expertise. Just because you can be taught people skills, does not mean you have the potential to lead people and poor Leadership decisions can damage individuals, team and organisational performance. Leaders have great responsibility not only in achieving their own tasks for the sake of the organisation but in their contribution to the creation of an environment of sustainable performance. Whatever the organisation, regardless of its culture, it is through the Leadership process that the efforts of employees are co-ordinated, given direction and moved toward the achievement of the organisation’s purpose. It is the Leadership of the organisation which will integrate the activity of the employees and provides a linchpin for creating the environment for sustainable performance.

Global Manufacturer

Situation/Task: Supporting and preparing the Management Team for the Development of their Strategic Business Plan and major change involving a change in location

Action: Embarked on an two year development programme which is still ongoing, helping the senior management team develop a sense of togetherness and ‘one mind’ and sense of purpose articulating the values and beliefs of the team. OD intervention included Customer Service and Sales Development.

Result: Development of BHAG, Purpose, Process and People Flywheel to articulate strategy. Prepared team for move to DC, promoting problem identification and solution delivery. Improved leadership team thinking and performance, developing individual self awareness and a new set of rules for interaction