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OD Services

The start point for an OD Practitioner is to act as a partner to guide you in the development of sustainable organisation effectiveness, especially during change. As an OD Practitioner I use a wide tool kit of group and human dynamic processes based on behavioural science methods, research and theories which seeks to facilitate positive change among groups and organisations.

My aim is to create an environment for sustainable performance by developing the effectiveness of an organisation and the people that work within them in a sustainable way;

  • System-wide;
  • Planned Changed Efforts;
  • Focused on the total system and not just one aspect of it;
  • Targeted at the human side of the enterprise;
  • Aimed at improving organisation effectiveness;

Typical activities I get involved in include;  

Organisation Development and Change Management

Leadership and Management Development

Talent Management and Succession Planning

  • The Talent Within
  • Succession Planning

Performance Management

Team Development

  • Team Building
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Continuous Improvement