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Testimonials – Adding Value


Talent Management

The particular need I had when recruiting Carrie, was for someone who not only possessed the HR knowledge and skills but had a keen inquisitive mind, high mental and physical energy and the emotional intelligence and wisdom that I knew would be needed to tackle the clients sensitive and highly ambiguous circumstances.

Carrie has proven to be a breath of fresh air in terms of her client focused way of working and her natural approach to partnering with clients. Carrie’s abilities have been displayed as an H&L associate operating with little guidance. She has proven to be adept at understanding the levers of the organisation to such an extent that senior members have since sought her out as a development and performance coach 
implemented within the organisation with tangible high achieving results. In particular Carrie has been asked by the Head of L&D in two of our client organisation to Coach and mentor them to help them provide leadership in the L&D function to enable the delivery of organisational objectives under the Good to Great strategy..

Lorenzo Hall – Managing Director, H&L Resources Ltd

Strategic Development

“I have personally worked with Caroline for almost six years through my journey as MD with two different organisations and organisational needs. Carrie was selected to support our organisational development from a criteria set by myself, I need someone who could help me deliver the extraordinary; this demanded a person who was not limited to any ‘standard’ model, who could bring unique, creative and inspiring thinking. I also required someone who I could trust with my vision without simply merging my vision into their, limited, world view. Carrie has consistently ticked all the boxes. Carrie has lead my sales teams into purposeful behaviours; my management teams into visionary leadership and my staff into comfortable and challenging followership. Carrie has an extraordinarily wide skill set; she sits at the pre-strategy table and takes a chaos centred view (let’s talk about everything) and then crafts the program to a clarified and inclusive strategy document… it’s a thing to behold. My businesses are better because of Carrie. I continue to use her skill to help my management team build a vision, develop a strategy, to mentor our development in line with our purpose, and help us deliver the purpose right down to the task list and beyond.”

Andrew Bevington – Managing Director, Federal Mogul

Organisation Development

“Carrie is a true expert in Organisation Development. Her comprehensive knowledge of the subject is matched by an unlimited enthusiasm for seeing organisations and people develop to be everything that they can be. I have used her services as both a personal and professional development coach for me, and as an advisor on organisational change and learning and development issues arising from my work.  After a career in the City of London, I now work mainly with technology and financial services companies (both large and small) in the UK, Russia, Eastern Europe and the US.  I have found Carrie’s knowledge and services to extend easily across industry sectors and geographical boundaries.  Working with Carrie is always productive and inspiring.”

Cliff Moyce – Management Consultant and Non-Executive Director


“Carrie has worked with me in providing facilitated sessions for development of the sales team and providing the framework for territory planning in our environment.  The outcome of this has been extremely positive with high adoption of “their” plan and general performance enhancement through improved planning and targeting activity.”

Heath Ghent – Sales Director, Exide Technologies

People Development

“Carrie is very committed and passionate about people development and this has had a major favourable impact on how we develop our people within Aggreko.”

Stuart Parsons, Finance Director Aggreko

Learning and Development

“When it comes to turning business related performance gaps into creative, blended learning solutions Carrie is your professional.  An excellent strategic thinker who has delivered tangible ROI through L&D interventions.  Carrie is a leader in her own right and is wonderful with business stakeholders.” 

Jo Shuttlewood, Development Consultant – Urenco Capenhurst Ltd


“I met Carrie at a time when there was so much change in my professional life. It’s been a year since I had just started a new job, a new profession. The organization I had just joined was very young and still seeking for its identity and approach. Each member of my team had a rich experience in supporting organizations but none of us was trained in organisational development field. Thus I decided to take a coach to guide me in this new experience so that I can have confidence in myself, be serene with clients, have tools and professional methods.

 Carrie was happy to do this journey with me. With her support I was confident to create the relationship with the client and understand the group dynamics. Her support has not only helped me on a professional level, but I really opened my eyes to myself, it allowed me to meet with myself, think who I am really and what potential I really have. I was able to integrate positive philosophy in my life, I could then see opportunity where I was seeing blockade. It also allowed me to reflect constantly about my practice and my relationship with others, especially to customers. It’s definitively give me a desire to learn more again about the OD Field.”

Mireille Kayijamahe, OD Practitioner Well-Grounded