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Talent Management and Succession Planning

I believe that EVERYONE has talent and can make a valuable contribution to the organisation.

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What is Talent?

I meet too many people who don’t believe that they have talent and are being left to rot in organisations. They turn up and take a pay cheque but are unfulfilled, unengaged – the walking dead.  Quite frankly it makes me mad.

I believe that if organisations treated their capital equipment with the same attitude that they treated their employee talent there would be uproar from shareholders.  Organisations measure the value of their capital equipment, it’s cost and the associated benefit and the utilization of the capital equipment.  So when it comes to inanimate objects organisations care how much potential they are tapping into.

If you were asked to find out the value of human potential and talent in your organisation the answer would be impossible to find – we don’t measure those things, we only measure cost. Can it be really true that organisations don’t value people potential?

If you think your organisation has a talent shortage or lacks talent in key areas ask yourself ‘What are we assuming about the people in our organisation that prevents us from tapping into unexplored talent potential.’

Too often organisational talent management processes focus on a select few and forgets about the hidden talent potential in the rest of the organisation. But I believe that Talent, often supported by the things we are interested in, can be improved upon by learning and personal development.  Talent can be ‘wasted’ if practice and focus is not given in the area in which an individual possesses a natural gifting.


The Talent Within

Working on the premise that all employees in your organisation have talent I help you to release the untapped potential in all your employees by providing the tools and techniques required to create the individual’s job role around the talents they possess.

I enable the individual to take responsibility for their talent and developing their capacity to use it. I will work with you to to build processes to identify, develop and manage the talent within the organisation as well as working with individuals to enable them to identify their own talent and understand how best to use their strengths in the workplace.

Succession Planning

We partner with you to develop career pathways and mapping succession plans which focus on developing individuals in role with the capabilities that your organisation requires not just for today but also for the future.

We focus on ensuring that succession plans enable individuals to grow in areas of strengths rather than being forced into traditional hierarchial career ladders and work with your organisations to create career pathways appropriate for developing the talent required and deliver sustainable performance.

Purposeful Talent Management

I help you to integrate the needs of the individual with that of your organisation in order to create an environment in which individual talent can be aligned with the current and future talent needs of the organisation.

I focus on developing purposeful talent management, working with leadership teams to understand the critical talent ability and capability required to achieve organisational purpose and then design and develop strategies to ensure the organisation can recruit, retain and develop the talent it needs today to deliver performance now and in the future.

I believe that EVERYONE has talent potential that can make a valuable contribution to the organisation.  

I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster