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Organizational Husbandry

What is Organizational Husbandry?

An organisation needs to promote sustainable organisational processes and practices through the development of a methodology and methods of approaching the organisational resources sensitively. As well as managing the changes in its internal environment the organisation is part of a global system, therefore, its performance environment will be impacted by the increasing interconnectivity between global economies, corporations and society as a whole. Organisations must understand that the ultimate consequences of any decision they make are at best poorly understood and at worst catastrophic to sustainable performance.

UK Food Manufacturer

Situation/Task: Request to ‘retrain’ 400 strong commercial teams on the use of CRM because there were £24m of adjustments every month as the result of incorrect data input.

Action: Diagnostic demonstrated that the users knew the processes they should be following but found short cuts and work arounds to ‘save time.’ Requirement was therefore around behavioural change and user adoption. Stakeholder analysis showed that the managers were not using the systems and duplicating work by asking their teams to deliver the information outside of the system

Result: Worked alongside various departments in the business to understand where the issues were impacting the business, plus the IT department on system updates. 2 day business workshops, run by the Business Unit Controllers supported by facilitators. Promotional Discount (PD) variance dropped by 62%, a £9m improvement. Forecast accuracy resulted from Promotions not set to Active reducing from 614 to 52 and Not Active Off Invoice Promotional PD went down from £2.7m to £404K resulting in fewer invoice queries. Reinforced culture of Right first time. Director of HR said “We need a What is Expected of Me Tool Kit for every area of the Business.”