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Change Conversation

Activity – Focused Conversation Reflecting on a Planned Change

Gather the group around the Sticky wall and ask them to consider the following questions, putting their ideas onto cards and putting them on the sticky wall.


Objective Questions

  1. As you think about the planned change, what words or phrases come to mind?
  2. What headings would you put for the process involved with the planned change?
  3. What are some of the main ideas expressed in regards to the planned change?
  4. What other things are proposed?

Reflective Questions

  1. Where about the planned change are you excited by?
  2. What makes you anxious or uneasy?
  3. Where do you have the most difficulty with it?

Interpretative Questions

  1. What new roles might be required?
  2. What advantages do you see?
  3. What opportunities would the planned change provide for your department?  For your employees?
  4. What values do you see held in the planned change?
  5. Which values are not held?

Decisional Questions?

  1. What are the main areas of the plan for the planned change do you want to see more work done on?
  2. What do you recommend?
  3. What part of this are you willing to help with?

At the end of  the conversation ask everyone to reflect on what has been posted and then ask them to review the sticky wall with the following question in mind:

What do we as an organization assume that probably limits everything that we do?  If we were to assume something more freeing what would change?