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Focused Conversation

Before we start our planning, let’s spend a few minutes reflecting on the past of this organisation.  Some of us have been related to it for many years, others for fewer.  We all have memories of key events in the life of the organisation.


Using the cards and pens capture your thoughts to the following sets of questions

Objective Question

  • What are some events and accomplishments in this organisation for the last ten years?

Reflective Questions

  • What for you have been high points in the life of this organization?
  • What do you associate with these high points?
  • What have been low points?
  • What do you remember about the low points?

Interpretative Questions

  • If you were going to divide the last 10 years up into three parts where would you put the divisions?
  • What title would you put on these three periods?
  • What have we learned from this 10 year journey?

Decisional Questions

  • What does that tell us about who we are now and where we need to go in the future?


The purpose of this exercise is that it offers a way to bring the learnings of the past into the present, as you contemplate ways to move into the future.  The dialogue focusing on the past is used to utilize the learnings from the past as a launching pad into the future.  You can experience for yourself being part of a larger picture and heal any wounds from the past.  It also helps to address any organisational sacred cows that need to be slaughtered.

Ask participants what they are struck by, looking at the focused conversation Wall.  Our past accomplishments tell us we can have a great future.  Asks participants to jot down any ideas they have in their journals