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Case Studies

Its very easy to say choose OD it’s great, but what organisational leaders is to know that they can trust not only the process but the practitioner to be professional and deliver a return on investment.  Since every programme is different and every organisation needs a unique change, how can I prove to you that OD is the way to go?

Business cases are not built on ‘faith’. Put simply someone, somewhere has provided resources, whether in time, people or money, including my fee and that someone, whether an institution, organization or individual, will want to know what those resources have been used for. More importantly, they will want to know whether, having invested the resource, it has been worthwhile or whether they could or should have used that resource better elsewhere.

Fortunately OD programmes are designed with Return on Investment in mind.  In fact, as an OD practitioner I would argue that only the full utilization of the organization’s most important asset, its people, will ensure that the organization achieves competitive advantage. Like any other asset within the business, under investment can have devastating consequences in the long-term.

My job in designing the OD programme with the client is to ensure that resources are employed to support organization strategic goals and are responsive to the environmental opportunities and threats.  The key outcome is a flexible and adaptable human resource which contributes to sustainable organizational performance.

Case Studies

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