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Organisation Development

I believe only people can deliver successful change and I use Organisation Development to achieve that.

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Why Use Organisational Development?

I believe Organisation Development works.  OD has recently become fashionable in HR circles, but very often ‘trainers’ re-label their services as OD.  But do they actually know what OD is?  It frustrates me that providers who know nothing about the behavioural science and psychology behind OD presume to practice it.  It makes me mad that ‘bad’ practice and charlatans gives OD Change Management a bad name.

If a provider comes to you offering OD services, ask yourself “What are we assuming about their services because they have labelled it as OD?”

I am unapologetic about the fact that I am an OD practitioner and only specialise in Organisation Development and Design to help organisations to achieve people led change.  I understand the theory, I use OD tools and techniques and I create programmes that apply the methodology in a pragmatic, fun, dynamic and creative way which makes tangible, and more importantly measurable, shifts in the thinking, behaviour and performance.  And I Deliver Results because Organisational Development works.

I help develop organisations, leaders and teams to dramatically improve the way they think, and thus the way they work and live, using models of human interaction such as group dynamics, emotional intelligence, mental toughness and thinking environment behaviours.  Whatever your change requirement, I will deliver an innovative response to your needs.

Organisational Purpose

Your organisation requires a reason to exist, and it is purpose that will provide meaning to the organisations day to day activities.  Through understanding its purpose, an organisation can create organisation strategy.  I will work with your organisation to help senior leaders find and articulate your purpose and communicate it to all levels of the organisation.

Strategic Management

I will help you to develop a Strategic Management process and strategic plan to help the leadership team determine how to deliver an organizations purpose. Working with your leadership teams, I will help your organisation assess it’s current position, against what you want to achieve and help you to develop a strategic plan to clarify next steps; including risk analysis, contingency planning, workforce planning, project team development and organizational design.

Organisational Design

I will provide the tools to help you to analyse the impact that structure, work design, people systems and processes, HR practices and networking is having on your organisations performance and what changes would improve organisational performance.  I will begin by partnering with you in an organisational diagnostic process, and facilitate the process of developing recommendations and an action plan to develop and deliver Organisation Development interventions which will create an environment for sustainable performance.

ROI and ROE of Development Interventions

All our Organisation Development interventions include an Evaluation process to monitor the progress and impact of the organisation development intervention on your organisations performance.  I will work with you to develop appropriate metrics to measure return on investment and return on expectation.  Not only does this deliver reportable measures of success at the end the intervention but benefits your organisation by building the capability for ongoing evaluation of development interventions.

Brand Coaching for Leaders, Coaches and Consultants

Developing a Brand is a very powerful component of any Leadership or Business, making it easier for clients to filter out countless generic people practices. Through a process of Brand Coaching I will enable you to develop your own leadership, coaching or consultancy brand. The brand you choose reflects who you are and articulates your values. Branding will enable your prospective clients or employees to decide if they want to work with you based on how they view the brand. 

I believe only people can deliver successful change and use organisation development to help achieve that.  

I look forward to inspiring you to BE the best you can be.

Carrie Foster