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Purposeful Endeavor

What is Purposeful Endeavor?

An organisation requires a reason to exists, and its purpose gives meaning to the organisation’s day to day activities. Strategic Management and planning focuses the business leader on how to deliver an organisations strategy but fails to explain where strategy is created. In a modern global economy the centre of balance is at the heart of the organisation and must answer not with what must we do, but with why we are here, giving meaning to an organisation’s day to day activities.

Case Study – Global Manufacturer

Situation/Task: Decline in Supply needs to the Independent After Market will be paced with a declining gross margin and will require decisions regarding the structure of the business and the change of product. How does the organisation future proof itself against a negative and declining market outlook and get ready for 2020?

Action: 20/20 Vision and Believe in Better Programmes. Individual, Pair and Team interventions. Supported the team to embark on change journey to shift the mental models of the leadership and support teams. Individuals facilitated through a process which got them to surf the edge of chaos, develop their creative skills and innovative thinking both on a personal level and as a team.

Result: Three pillar Strategy developed with a strategic plan. Resolve immediate conflicts with the global team, improving working environment. Management decision being filtered through Strategic pillars, and all employees bought into values. “the creative-stalemate is certainly broken.”